Questions to Ask

What questions should I ask when shopping for millwork?

  1. What’s the scope of your company’s experience?
    We have been a top-rated Vancouver woodworking company and have exclusively done high-end commercial millwork for almost 20 years. It’s all we do. Our custom architectural woodworking projects have included schools, hospitals, restaurants, tenant improvements, private offices, board rooms, government buildings and retail shops.
  2. How many successful installations have you done?
    We have completed 75-100 custom architectural woodworking installations per year, for nearly 20 years. We’ll provide you with customer references upon request that you are welcome to call.
  3. What is your warranty?
    We stand behind all of our work with a two-year warranty. Although we’ve never been called back regarding any issues after two years, depending on the circumstance, if it was over two years, we would fix the issue at no additional cost.
  4. Do you belong to AWMAC (Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada)?
    Yes, we are members of AWMAC, which provides the recognized standard in the custom architectural woodworking industry. Because we engage them to review our process and our final product, they will stand behind our project for a period of two years. Most reputable millwork companies in Vancouver and other areas of Canada belong to AWMAC, delivering a consistent acceptable product. We set our standards much higher than AWMAC requires, setting us apart from many other woodworking companies.
  1. Do you build and install products to meet the current AWMAC standards? The AWMAC standard is our minimum standard whether the job is inspected by AWMAC on not. If we failed to meet the standards for an AWMAC inspected job, we would lose our membership in the AWMAC association. We have been members in good standing since 1997.
  1. How accurate are your shop drawings?
    All of our project managers are certified in AutoCAD and your drawings are computer generated with the highest degree of accuracy possible. Our customers are usually general contractors who then report to the architect and the owner. They will confirm that our drawings are impeccable, saving time and money for everyone involved in the project.
  2. Do you handle after hours installations?
    Our customers will confirm that we deliver their millwork projects on time, every time. If the project requires us to work after hours to meet our commitments, we will do so. We are accessible by cell phone 24 hours per day in these situations.
  1. Can you give me customer referrals?
    We would be pleased to have you contact any of our clients, including Ventana, Ellis Don, Stuart Olsen, Halse-Martin, Heabler Group, PCL Ledcor, and others.
  1. What ensures excellence in your work?
    We ensure excellence in our millwork through detailed, accurate shop drawings and our own proven procedures that have been refined through nearly 20 years in business. Everything we build is 100% assembled before leaving our shop floor, so we know that it will fit well on site.