The Benchmark Way

At Benchmark, we work to the highest architectural woodworking standards in the industry. The core values that we’ve developed to shape our company are as follows:

  • Always accountable
  • High quality
  • Honest
  • On time, every time
  • Profitable

Vancouver woodwork companyAlways accountable
Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control – this is a fact of life – but we will not use them as an excuse, or lower our architectural woodworking standards to compensate. We will always own up to a mistake, a misunderstanding, or whatever else we may encounter during a project, and will quickly get to the bottom of the issue and find a means of getting a project back on schedule. If others are not on schedule and affect our delivery dates, we will not be idle, we will respectfully present the issue and work with those involved, to come up with the best possible solution. Our goal is to stay at the top of our craft, as a Vancouver woodwork company that is on time, every time.

High Quality
A commitment to quality runs through us all, but that may have a different meanings to different people. Our team will always ask the question, “Have we met or exceeded what we set out to do?” The answer must be an unequivocal, “Yes”. If anyone feels that we are not providing what the customer has contracted us to do, and/or we are not meeting our highest architectural woodworking standards, we stop and resolve the issue before we continue. We are accountable to ourselves and our clients to provide the best products possible and deliver them on time.

Simply put, our mandate as a company is to do the right thing. We work in an industry with an abundance of grey areas that we must interpret on a daily basis and make sound decisions on that benefit our customers. When we strive to answer unknowns by asking ourselves, ”What is the right thing to do?”, we will more often than not find the right answer.

On time, every time
As a leading Vancouver woodwork company, creating visually stunning architectural woodworking that meets the highest standards, is what we do. A proud member of AWMAC, and with an ownership team and staff dedicated to excellence, being on time, every time, is what we live by.

At Benchmark, not only does being “on time” mean that we always have our product delivered to the site and ready to be installed on schedule, it means pricing jobs on time, signing purchase orders on time, providing shop drawings on time, ordering material on time, producing on time, installing on time, and completing any deficiencies on time. The Benchmark team is committed and accountable to do what it takes to keep a project on time. This is reflected in our relationships with the suppliers, sub trades and employees that work for us, and right through to the general contractors that we work for.

A reputable woodwork company, like any other company, must maintain profitability to remain in business, and continue providing the products and services their customers need. However, profiting at the expense of others will never build a healthy relationship or create successful longevity.

When people work together with common goals, they naturally become a team, but as we see with many teams, only some thrive. We have the ability to find the solutions to problems that can erode communication and potentially derail a project, if not addressed immediately. When we all win together, there is no greater profit.